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Web Traffic Today Extended View

Here is the dashboard you will see if you expand the Web Traffic Today widget:

The Web Traffic Today Extended View

This view includes a heat map that displays important information about the locations of your visitors, using the time frame established by the time filter. Note: By default Web Engagement does not collect visitor IP addresses. If you want to analyze this data, you must have your system administrator turn this feature on explicitly.

Heat Map

The heat map shows areas with the greatest number of visitors in red, while locations with smaller numbers of visitors are indicated in purple.

Note that the heat map also has resizing and cropping tools:

Heat Map Viewing Controls

You can also see the Top 5 websites your visitors have arrived from within the given time frame:

Top 5 Origins

The Top 5 domains they have landed on:

Top 5 Origins

The Top 5 languages your visitors have been using:

Top 5 Languages

As well as which browsers they are using:


And how many mobile users and desktop-based users have visited the site since midnight:

Mobile vs. Desktop

The number of mobile users is calculated on the basis of browser-side data stored in the userAgent property. The desktop total is the number of users who were not using a mobile device. For more information about the relevant visitor data, refer to the article on Event Structure.

You can even filter the heat map by Top 5 Origins or by Top 5 Languages. This image shows geolocation results filtered down to people who arrived from "google.com" and are using Mexican Spanish:

Filtered by Origin "google.com" and Language "es-MX"

Website Traffic

This dashboard also includes a layered timeline graph that displays how many visitors have come to your site and how many pages they have viewed, using the time frame established by the time filter.

Website Traffic

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