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Rich Messaging

Quick Replies

Quick Replies offer the customer a choice of responses to the last agent or last chat bot message in the transcript. Tapping or clicking one of these Quick Replies posts that reply back to the agent as a text message. This saves the customer from having to type a response manually.

Quick Replies are very flexible. A chat bot or agent can provide context-sensitive quick replies that aid in making a selection, polite responses (such as "OK", "Thank you", "Yes, please" in the customer's native language), numeric responses, or choose from a set of preset time slots.


JSON Examples

Quick Replies are attached to standard chat message objects by adding a few additional properties:

  • type - The type of message object received. For quick replies, the value will be "Message".
  • contentType - The type of rich message content attached to the message. For quick replies, the value will be "quick-replies".
  • content - An array of rich message content and other attachments. For quick replies, this will contain quick reply objects.

Top level of message object

Note, this example is only showing properties related to quick replies. All other properties normally included inside a message object have been omitted.

    "type": "Message",
    "contentType": "quick-replies",
    "messageType": "text",
    "text": "Will 3:00PM tomorrow work for you?",
    "content": [
        {"id": 1, "type": "quick-reply", "action": "message","text": "Sounds Good."},
        {"id": 2, "type": "quick-reply", "action": "message","text": "No, sorry."},
        {"id": 3, "type": "quick-reply", "action": "message","text": "What else?"}


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