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Publish Template

You must publish the template in order for it to be available to business users to create rules. Publishing is also the preferred mechanism for sharing the templates so other template developers can edit or modify the templates, if necessary. The visibility of the template is determined by access permissions. These permissions are defined in Configuration Manager or Genesys Administrator by an Administrator. Each template has a corresponding Script object in Genesys Configuration Server for which access control can be configured.

Since release 8.1.3, rule authors can select prior versions of published rule templates. You can optionally publish a version comment for a specific template in order to inform rule authors about the specific differences between individual versions of a template.

To publish the template to the repository:

  1. Select the template in the Project Explorer and right-click.
  2. Add a version comment.
  3. Select Publish.
  4. Click Next to enter a publish comment.
  5. Click Finish to publish the template.

Imported Templates

If you plan to import a Genesys-supplied template (such as for IWD or GPE or Conversation Rules) directly into GRAT, no Publish step from GRDT is required.

Templates imported into GRDT must still be published to GRAT before they can be used to create rules.

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