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Using GRS with Other Genesys Solutions

Supported Solutions

GRS is used by Genesys solutions, including:

  • intelligent Workload Distribution
  • Conversation Manager
  • Genesys Web Engagement

It is also used by:

  • VXML applications executed by the Genesys Voice Platform
  • SCXML applications executed by the Genesys Orchestration Server

Each of these solutions also has its own GRS configuration requirements—for example;

  • Configuring the proper rule template type when creating a new template
  • Configuring the proper rule package type when creating a rule package
  • Proper use of rule phases

Support for intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD)

GRS provides all the business rules functionality for the Genesys intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) solution, a business application for dynamically prioritizing the distribution of work tasks to the people who are best suited to handle them. GRS enables business users to define priorities, Service Level Agreements, and other attributes of tasks.

iWD uses GRS to provide the rules engine service, and rules development and authoring user interfaces. iWD provides a Standard Rules Template for use with GRS, and the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT) can be launched from iWD Manager without the need for separate user authentication.

Read about IWD and the Genesys Rules System (new document)

Support for Conversation Manager

Conversation Manager is a contact center solution that creates coherent customer communication in real-time customer engagement applications that span one or more channels such as web, mobile, chat, IVR and voice.
In a nutshell, Conversation Manager helps you recognize moments when you can take action to improve the customer experience. Within Conversation Manager, Context Services helps you to recognize the moment and the business rules help you to take action.

GRS ships with a special template for conversation rules that enables much closer integration between GRS and Context Services blocks without having to build a new template from scratch in Composer (create a Fact model, actions and conditions, and pass complex data structures between the Composer Business Rules block and the rules engine and re-evaluate the returned data, and so on).

Read about Conversation Manager (new document).

Support for Web Engagement

Genesys Web Engagement uses a special template type—Complex Event Processing (or CEP). This template type enables rule developers to build templates that rule authors then use to create rules and packages that use event fact types. Choosing this template type determines:

  • How the Drools Rule Language (DRL) is eventually generated by the GRAT.
  • Which applications the rule package can be deployed to.

Read about Genesys Proactive/Web Engagement (new document)

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