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Conversation Rules Template Guide

These topics describe how to use the new Conversation Rules (CR) template that ships with Genesys Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT) 8.5.001.

The purpose of this CR template is to enable much closer integration between GRS and Context Services blocks without having to build a new template from scratch in Composer (create a Fact model, actions and conditions, and pass complex data structures between the Composer Business Rules block and the rules engine and re-evaluate the returned data, and so on).

This new template does the following:

  • Integrates with the appropriate UCS and Context Services blocks out of the box
  • Provides useful and typical conditions and actions
  • Provides common date/time-related functions that integrate with GRS business calendars (such as, Today is a working day)
  • Provides a sample rule package that implements some common use case scenarios, and these are documented in this document along with Composer project screen shots and example projects illustrating usage.
The workflows and strategies shown in this document are from Composer. You could equally use Genesys IRD workflows.

Both the template and the sample rule package are shipped as .xml files that can be easily imported directly into GRAT.

Release 8.5.1 contains updates and addition to the Conversation Rules template that enable it to fully support the Test Scenarios feature of GRAT on rule packages generated from the CR template.

Working with the Business Rules Block

Conditions and Actions

Working with Test Scenarios

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