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Deploying .WAR Files

The genesys-rules-authoring.war and genesys-rules-engine.war files must be copied or deployed to your web container. When the .war files have been deployed, you will be able to launch GRE and GRAT.

The .war files can be found in the destination folder that you specified when you installed the IPs.

  • If you are using Tomcat, copy the files and paste them into the Tomcat webapps folder.
  • If you are using WebSphere, deploy the .war files by using WebSphere Administrative Console.

Refer to the documentation for your web application server (Tomcat or WebSphere) for specific deployment instructions.

Genesys recommends the following minimum JVM memory settings for your application server to ensure GRS components have enough memory for operation. This may need to be adjusted based on your configuration and depending upon any other applications deployed to your application server.

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