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SIP Preview Interaction Support

The typical agent scenario leveraging this feature is as follows:

  1. After a new SIP preview interaction notification is delivered to the desktop, the agent can take it by clicking the Answer incoming call button.
  2. The SIP preview interaction displays on the CTI toolbar in the combo box containing all available work items.
  3. The agent then can either click the Accept Interaction button (GPSBL-5021 ecs accept.gif) or the Reject Interaction button (GPSBL-5021 ecs reject.gif).
  4. If the agent accepts the interaction:
    • The call is automatically established and represented in the work items list. A related contact view is shown if a contact is found on Siebel side.
    • After the call is established, the agent can control it as a regular phone call.
  5. If the agent rejects the interaction, it is removed from the agent's desktop and is not dialed..
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