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InsureCo Sample

InsureCo Sample Overview

This sample application allows a user to create an insurance claim, after which an option is given to either talk with an agent as soon as the claim is submitted or to wait and be notified when an agent becomes available. These scenarios demonstrate how to implement one basic (request-interaction) and one advanced (request-inbound-delay) service, as well as using APNS Push messages and Google C2DM from Genesys Mobile Services. The intended audience for this sample are Enterprise iPhone/Android developers who plan to implement mobile services using thing Genesys Mobile Services platform.


  1. In the basic scenario a call is placed immediately after the user creates and submits a claim, allowing that user to talk with an agent.
  2. In the advanced scenario, a user creates a claim but is unable to contact an agent right away. When an agent becomes available, the application notifies the user, reserves the available agent, and offer appropriate call options.

In addition to these scenarios, you can use this sample to explore other features supported by Genesys Mobile Services such as sending the geolocation coordinates or storing and uploading images as part of your request to the Genesys Mobile Services server.

Related Information

InsureCo Sample System Requirements
Platform Build Requirements Runtime Requirements
iPhone iOS 5.0 SDK iOS 5.0
  • Android SDK (API level 13 and more)
  • Apache Maven 3.x
Android OS 2.2.1

Downloadable Files

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