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Performance considerations

Genesys CX Insights is the presentation layer that Genesys has designed for the business-like interpretation of source data that is collected by Genesys Info Mart and stored in the Info Mart database. Genesys CX Insights provides reports and dashboards that summarize contact center activity, using easy-to-read grids, while dashboards summarize a wider range of information using a variety of visual devices, including various interactive charts and graphs. Genesys CX Insights 9.0 is powered by MicroStrategy 10 software.

Requirements for the Genesys CX Insights environment are largely determined by the requirements for MicroStrategy software, plus the resources required for Docker and Kubernetes (which is used to deploy Genesys CX Insights). The operating environment must also support any other required Genesys software, such as Genesys Info Mart and Reporting and Analytics Aggregates (RAA), which you use to provide data to Genesys CX Insights. For information about hardware requirements for Genesys Info Mart and RAA, see the Genesys Hardware Sizing Guide.

Hardware requirements for Docker, Kubernetes, and MicroStrategy

For information about the hardware requirements for your specific deployment scenario, talk to your Genesys representative, and review the following resources:

See the General Guidelines for example hardware specifications.

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