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Feature Changes

This page describes the availability of Intelligent Automation features, starting with those available in 9.0.

Feature or Name Release Details
Users Users created and managed in Genesys Configuration Server and stored in Genesys Configuration Database can now log in to Genesys Intelligent Automation using their Configuration Server credentials. Passwords for these users can also be changed within Intelligent Automation.
Apple Business Chat support Support of Apple Business Chat.
SNMP traps The Hiveoff process can now assign one of two new levels of severity to SNMP traps generated when failing: SEVERITY_MAJOR and SEVERITY_CRITICAL.
GDPR support Genesys Intelligent Automation is now GDPR compliant.
PureConnect support Genesys Intelligent Automation can now be used in a PureConnect environment.
Support for proxy servers Support of proxy servers when making outbound HTTP/HTTPS requests from a dialog flow or Integration Hub Process.
Improved customer journey A user can now see all the call data stored in the database for a particular journey.
Improved database security The passwords for the core and reporting databases can now be encrypted, to lessen the risk of unauthorized users accessing the data.
Improved customer conversations and call flow Genesys Intelligent Automation can now use the Genesys Dialog Engine (in chat sessions only) to parse natural-language sentences instead of requiring responses in a specific format and order, thereby making it easier and less error-prone for a user to respond to a prompt. Dialog Engine can also navigate through Genesys Intelligent Automation call flows more efficiently by recognizing information that was already provided by the user in compound responses, and by anticipating what the user wants based on their responses.
iHub enhanced for SQL support Integration Hub users can now specify database connections (JDBC Data Source Configurations), and iHub handles the creation and maintenance of database connection pools to allow efficient access to the required data.
Support for new open-source databases Genesys Intelligent Automation now supports open-source Database Management Systems (DBMS) for its core and reports databases. Currently, the following open-source DBMS are supported:
  • PostgreSQL 10 for the core database only.
  • Elasticsearch 5.6.4 for the reports database only.
Support for SMS Genesys Intelligent Automation applications that use chat bots can now interact with clients using Short Message Service (SMS) communications.
Usability enhancements
  • Integration Hub processes now come with default success and error response templates.
  • You can now click a company name in the Administration > Companies tab to switch to that company.
  • Fuzzy matching in digital channels now includes questions that use Grammar Builder.
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