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The Import view allows you to import a ZIP file containing various application or module details.

To import files:

  1. In the What to Import section, select one of the following options:
    • Import Everything – Includes all callflows, uploaded grammars, product-specific settings, and uploaded audio files.
    • Import Prompts Only – Includes uploaded audio files, such as those that are part of the callflow and those that are product-specific.
    • Import Product-Specific Data and Prompts Only – Unlike Import Everything, this option excludes callflow information, static prompts, and grammars.
  2. In the ZIP File to Import section, select the zip file you want to import, and then click Choose Modules to Import.
  3. The Choose Modules to Import window displays the modules that GAAP found in the ZIP file. You can:
    • Click Ignore beside a module that you do not want to import.
    • Enable the Deploy these templates to production after import check box to deploy these modules directly to your production environment.
  4. Click Import.
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