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You can use the Export view to export various module details in XML format. You can also download any previously uploaded audio prompts.

To export files:

  1. Click Export in the navigation bar to access the Export view.
  2. In the What to Export section, select one of the following options:
    • Export Everything – Include all callflows, uploaded grammars, product-specific settings, and uploaded audio files.
    • Export Prompts Only – Include uploaded audio files, which includes those that are part of the callflow and those that are product-specific.
    • Export Product-Specific Data and Prompts Only – Unlike Export Everything, this option excludes callflow information, static prompts, and grammars.
  3. In the Modules to Export section, select which Modules you want to export. You can select multiple modules by holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard as you click modules.
  4. In the Export Options section, enable the Use Production Version of Each Module check box to export the production version of the module, or disable the check box to export the test version of the module.
  5. Click Export.
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