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Browser Issues

This section describes possible browser-related issues that you may encounter when deploying and using GAX.

Blocked Downloads in Internet Explorer 9

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 9, an attempt to download Audio Resource Files, encoded files, and other GAX downloads might be blocked by the IE information bar. After you confirm the download, you are redirected to the main page and then have to repeat the download request. You can adjust your browser settings to prevent this scenario.

This issue is not GAX-specific; it is related to your IE settings. To prevent IE 9 from blocking your GAX downloads, you must disable the download information bar for GAX downloads.

There are two approaches that you can take to solve this issue:

If you are using IE 10 or 11, the Windows Download Manager handles all download requests, and this problem does not occur.

Configuring IE 9 to allow all downloads without warnings

This procedure disables the Information bar for all downloads. You will be able to download GAX files without being blocked; however, other content will also now be downloaded without warnings.

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Configuring IE 9 to allow GAX downloads without warnings

This procedure enables you to maintain your security settings when you download files from the internet, while making GAX a trusted site from which all your GAX files are downloaded without warnings in the Internet Explorer information bar. You can choose to run with the security level set to High.

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Audio Resource File Playback Issues in Internet Explorer and Firefox

Internet Explorer does not support playing an audio file directly. You must download the file and playback the file locally. Firefox cannot play ยต-law and A-law audio codecs. Only PCM Audio codecs can be played in Firefox.

Audio Resource File Playback Issue in Safari

Users of Safari cannot play Audio Resource files in Genesys Administrator Extension. This is because Safari does not support playing .wav files.

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