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Importing User Data from External Sources

This section describes how to create user records in the Genesys configuration that are required when using a RADIUS or LDAP external authentication system.

Required Fields

To authenticate a user in a Genesys program using one of the external authentication systems (RADIUS or LDAP), create in the Genesys configuration a user record that matches a record in the external authentication system.

When you create the user record, you must specify the following properties:

Property Description
Mandatory User Record Properties
User name Corresponds to name in the XML schema.

This property is the user's Genesys logon ID, and it uniquely identifies the user in the Genesys configuration. It must be unique across the entire configuration.
For a RADIUS server, this property corresponds to the user name in the RADIUS system.

Employee ID Corresponds to employeeID in the XML schema.

This numeric user ID is assigned by the user's company. This ID does not participate in authentication, but is still required by Configuration Server.

External User ID Corresponds to externalID in the XML schema.

Required only by LDAP configuration.
Configuration Server uses this ID to match a record in the Genesys configuration with a record in the LDAP directory server.
Specifically, Configuration Server substitutes an X symbol in the LDAP URL filter with the value of this property. The filter is part 6 of the LDAP URL; see ldap-url.
Therefore, if the filter in the LDAP URL is (mail=X), then the External User ID property in Genesys configuration represents the mail attribute of the user record in LDAP server.

Password Required only if allow-empty-password option is false. If additional password rules are configured at the Server or Tenant level, the password must comply with these rules, even though the password is not being used if the user is being authenticated externally. If the password does not comply with these rules, the user account will not be created.
You can also populate other fields—for example, E-Mail, First name, and Last name—but neither the authentication process nor Configuration Server requires them.

Creating a User Record in the Genesys Configuration

Use Genesys Administrator to create user records manually. You can create each user record in Genesys Administrator, one by one. To do this, create a User object under one of the folders designated to store Users information. Or, you can create users in a .csv file, being certain to include values for all mandatory fields. Then use the Agent Import Wizard in Genesys Administrator to import the data into Genesys Administrator. Refer to Genesys Administrator Help for information about importing users in Genesys Administrator.

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