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Applying a Forecast Scenario to your Planning Scenario

You apply a forecast scenario to a planning scenario in the Decisions Planning application. The forecast scenario must be published before you can apply it to a planning scenario.

In the Decisions Planning application, either click the Forecast button or use the Input > Forecast menu to open the Apply Forecast Scenario window. The list of forecast scenarios contains those that have been published, are enabled, and are for the same Decisions routing as the planning scenario in which you are currently working.

Select the forecast scenario that you would like to apply to your plan, and click Apply. The Total Forecast values for each metric/dimension combination in the forecast scenario are populated in the planning scenario. This process overwrites any values that are currently in the planning scenario. Any metric/dimension combinations that are in the planning scenario, but not in the forecast scenario, will not be modified.

Additional Actions in the Apply Forecast Scenario Window

Click the ellipse (...) next to a forecast scenario's Comments icon (Decisions fcast-scenario-table comment-icon 90.png) in the Apply Forecast Scenario window to see which metrics and Contact Groups are included in that forecast scenario.

Click the Comments icon to open and view the Comments pane.

The columns in the table of forecast scenarios can be sorted and moved, similarly to the columns in the Forecast application.

Use the action menu above the table of forecast scenarios, on the right side of the window, to hide/show columns and to refresh the list of forecast scenarios.

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