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String Manipulation Function Migration

The table below describes how migration is handled for IRD Functions in the String Manipulation category as defined in the Universal Routing 8.1.x Reference Manual.

Function Name Functional Module Mapping Automatic Migration? Update Required? Comments/Manual Steps Required
Cat irdCat() Semi-Auto Some expressions may require manual migration. Use "+" to concatenate strings.
StrAsciiBreak irdStrAsciiBreak() Auto
StrAsciiTok irdStrAsciiTok() Auto
StrChar irdStrChar() Auto
StrGetChar irdStrGetChar() Auto
StrNextTokInd - Manual Not Supported.
StrLen irdStrLen() Auto
StrReplace irdStrReplace() Auto
StrStr irdStrStr() Auto
StrSub irdStrSub() Auto
StrTargets - Manual Concatenate strings to build targets.
StrToLower irdStrToLower() Auto
StrToUpper irdStrToUpper() Auto
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