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Important Note on Migration

The information in this note applies to Composer 8.1.2.

Composer 8.1 was the first release to introduce IRD to Composer Migration functionality. As you use the migration wizard and migration report, you will find that a good one-to-one mapping exists between IRD objects and Composer blocks for routing voice interactions. A good mapping also exists between frequently used IRD voice routing functions and functions/properties made available within Composer's Expression Builder. However, it is important to understand that a workflow generated in Composer as a result of migration is an Orchestration approximation of the IRD strategy.

In almost all cases, the migration report will list items that you must manually complete before the workflow can be considered fit to run on the Orchestration platform. After migration, those IRD constructs that have an equivalent mapping in Orchestration can be expected to work reasonably well with minimal manual changes. However, certain IRD constructs will require more attention as they may be implemented very differently for the Orchestration platform. Still others, such as script variables, are simply not supported by Orchestration and therefore the migration report will instruct you to find a manual alternative and lists links to helpful topics where available. This wiki also contains recommended alternate approaches for IRD constructs that are not supported in Orchestration.

In general, the migration process is expected to eliminate the majority of the manual work required to redraw an IRD diagram into a Composer workflow. Careful review, editing, and post-migration testing will be key to making the workflow usable.

Due to differences in implementation, Genesys strongly encourages customers to validate the business logic exposed within the migrated items to ensure they are correct prior to deploying them to a production environment.

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