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Query Interactions

Prerequisites: You need to enable profiles in UCS.
  • GET /customers/${customer_id}/interactions
  • GET /interactions/${interaction_id}


Retrieves multimedia interactions and their data.


Queries Multimedia Interactions
Method GET
  1. By Customer: /customers/${customer_id}/interactions
  2. By Interaction ID: /interactions/${interaction_id}
Name   Type   Mandatory Description
URI Parameters
${customer_id} string yes if query is by customer. Customer ID, required for URI 1.
${service_id} integer yes if query is by service. Service ID, required for URI 2.
${interaction_id} integer yes if query is by interaction. Service ID, required for URI 3.
The output sample shows a "structured_text" parameter which provides a URL to the structured text content (which is not returned as part of the query): the user application performs a separate GET to the given URL.

Similarly, the following URLs are available for GETting interaction content:

  • /interactions/${interaction_id}/plain_text
  • /interactions/${interaction_id}/structured_text
  • /interactions/${interaction_id}/binary_content


The Context Management Service API answers with HTTP codes for every request. The following table shows the correct response for a successful request. See HTTP Response Codes and Errors for further details on the possible codes that this operation can return.

HTTP code 200
HTTP message OK
Body An array of one or more Interaction Resources.



 GET http://ucshost:8080/interactions/00001a57JGQ00BW8


   "external_id" : "00AF4A7951D60009",
   "established_date" : "2009-08-05T09:33:15.000Z",
   "text" : "http://ucshost:8080/interactions/00001a57JGQ00BW8/plain_text",
    "media_type" : "chat",
    "udata" : {
      "RTargetTypeSelected" : "2",
      "RRequestedSkillCombination" : "",
      "ChatServerHost" : "SUITE80",
      "CustomerSegment" : "default",
      "RTargetObjectSelected" : "Agent Group Everybody",
      "RTargetRuleSelected" : "",
      "RTargetPlaceSelected" : "Place_1002",
      "RTargetAgentGroup" : "Agent Group Everybody",
      "RTargetObjSelDBID" : "123",
      "ServiceType" : "default",
      "_smsSrcNumber" : "+33298143456",
      "RTargetAgentSelected" : "1002",
      "RTenant" : "defaultTenant",
      "RVQID" : "",
      "CBR-contract_DBIDs" : "",
      "CBR-Interaction_cost" : "",
      "ChatServerPort" : "23874",
      "_smsDestNumber" : "+33298143322",
      "RTargetRequested" : "Agent Group Everybody",
      "CBR-IT-path_DBIDs" : "",
      "RStrategyDBID" : "480",
      "CBR-actual_volume" : "",
      "RStrategyName" : "sms-session-inbound"
    "binary_content" : "http://ucshost:8080/interactions/00001a57JGQ00BW8/binary_content",
    "structured_text" : "http://ucshost:8080/interactions/00001a57JGQ00BW8/structured_text",
    "status" : 3,
    "subject" : "SMS chat",
    "timeshift" : 1,
    "type" : "Inbound",
    "interaction_id" : "00001a57JGQ00BW8",
    "allow_children" : true,
    "end_date" : "2009-08-05T09:34:04.140Z",
    "owner_id" : 124,
    "sub_type" : "InboundNew",
    "released_date" : "2009-08-05T09:33:59.000Z",
    "entity_type" : 2,
    "creator_app_id" : 175,
    "thread_id" : "00001a57JGQ00BW9",
    "start_date" : "2009-08-05T09:33:10.000Z",
    "structured_text_mime" : "text/xml",
    "customer_id" : "00001a57JGQ00BVU"
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