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GAX deployment

The following steps describe how to use Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) to deploy the Bot Gateway Server.

  1. Upload the driver installation package and template:
    1. Log in to GAX.
    2. Go to Administration > Installation Packages.
    3. Click + (New) to upload a new installation package.
    4. In the Software Installation Wizard panel, select Installation Package Upload (includes templates).
    5. Click Next.
    6. The panel updates. Click Choose File to select the file to upload.
    7. Click Finish.
    8. The file begins uploading from your file system to GAX. When the upload is complete, the IP is displayed in the Installation Packages list.
    1. Deploy the driver installation package and template:
      1. In GAX, go to Administration > Installation Packages.
      2. Click the Bot Gateway Server installation package to view its properties.
      3. Verify the Status field has a value of Complete.
      4. Click the gear icon and select Install to open the IP Deployment Wizard panel.
      5. Click Next.
      6. In the Host section check needed host.
      7. Click Next.
      8. In the Application Parameters pass correct Digital Message Server application name to Application name for host.
      9. Select correct Primary Configuration Server and Backup Configuration Server.
      10. Click Next.
      11. In the Installation Parameters section:
        • For Linux: set path DMS folder+/media-channel-drivers/channel-chatbot to IPCommon: InstallPath.
        • For Windows: set path DMS folder to IPCommon: PathToDigitMsgSrv.
      12. Click Next.
      13. In the Deployment section click Finish.
      14. The BGS begins deploying to the selected host under the selected DMS.
      15. When the deployment is complete, click Close.
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