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Bot Gateway Server Administration

Bot Gateway Server (BGS) is a Genesys component which is implemented as an eServices Digital Messaging Server (DMS) driver. BGS provides an integration platform for deployment of various chat bots that participate in chat sessions conducted by Chat Server.

For more context, watch our quick video with some information you might find helpful:

How Bot Gateway fits into the Genesys Engage architecture

BGS PR 04.png

Why we need bots

Whenever a user connects via chat, SMS, a messaging app, or Facebook Messenger, a chat session is established and routed to a human agent. During the session, which is handled by Chat Server, the human agent uses Workspace as the interface to receive and respond to messages from the user.

Think of BGS as the equivalent of Workspace for automated agents (bots). BGS maintains connectivity during a chat session between Chat Server and the bot. BGS sends user input to the bot and receives and forwards the bot response back to the user. BGS works with and without human agents being involved in the conversation.

We expect customers to use bots, and thus BGS, to resolve common customer experience use cases in the following ways:

  • Self-Service - Resolving customer issues without the need for a human agent to get involved.
  • Natural Language Detecting - Rejecting comments that are in violation of profanity rules; determining sentiment or analyzing the intent of a conversation to route a user to the right bot or human agent.
  • Agent Assist - Helping to guide a human agent through a conversation by delivering relevant information in the context of the interaction.
  • User Assist - Helping users with translations or PCI-compliant credit card transactions.

See the following topics for more information:

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