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Interaction Lists

An Interaction List is a static list of interactions that were added to the list manually by selecting them from an Interaction Grid. You can access existing interaction lists and create new, empty interaction lists in the Interaction Lists tab. (Interaction lists can also be created on the fly in an Interaction Grid; see Adding Interactions to an Interaction List.)

To open the Interaction Lists tab:

  • Select Explore > Interaction Lists. The Interaction Lists tab opens and displays a list of the interaction lists you have created or other users have shared with you.

Creating a New Interaction List

New interaction lists can be created in one of two ways:

  • On the fly— You can create a new interaction list on the fly in an Interaction Grid. The new interaction list cannot be created empty - interactions must be selected in the Interaction Grid, and the selected interactions are automatically added to the new interaction list. For additional information, see Using an Interaction Grid.
  • New empty interaction list— You can create an empty interaction list in the Interaction Lists tab. Interactions can be added to the list from an Interaction Grid later on, as necessary.

To create an empty interaction list

  1. Above the Interaction Lists table, in the right corner of the screen click file:Smicon_createcalllist.png. You are prompted to enter a name for the new list. Interaction List names are case sensitive.
  2. Enter a name, and then click OK. The new interaction list is created and added to the Interaction Lists table.

Columns in the Interaction Lists Table

The following columns appear in the Interaction Lists table:

Column Description
file:Sm_checkbutton.png Select the check box to include the interaction list in a Delete action (see below).

Note: If you did not create the interaction list, this option is not available.

Run Click the file:smicon_arrow.png icon to run the interaction list and display the results in an Interaction Grid the bottom of the screen.
Delete Click the file:Smicon_delete.png icon to delete the interaction list.

Note: If you did not create the interaction list, this option is not available.

Name The name of the interaction list.
Creator The name of the user who created the interaction list.
Sharing The names of the groups and users with whom the interaction list is shared appear in the table beside the icon.

Click the Share icon to open a dialog box in which you can select the groups and individual users with whom you want to share the interaction list. The members of the selected groups and the selected users will see the interaction list listed in their Interaction Lists tab, and will be able to run them.

Note: You can only modify or delete interaction lists that you created.

Created The date on which the interaction list was initially saved.
Coaching Click Add to add the interaction list to a Coaching session.
Permalink Click Copy to create a Permalink to the interaction list. You can copy the link to your clipboard and then paste it elsewhere as necessary. Later, you can use a browser to navigate to the Permalink address. When you do, the interaction list will open in the browser. For additional information, see Permalinks.

Sorting the Columns

You can choose to sort the tables by any column that contains an interaction parameter.

To sort a table by a column:

  • Click the title of the column.
Click the title a second time to reverse the sort order.

Selecting the Number of Rows

You can choose how many rows to show in each of the tables.

To select the number of rows to display in a table:

  • At the bottom of the table, in the dropdown list, select the desired number of rows.

file:Sm_columnselection new.png

Filtering a Table

If there are a lot of items in a table, you can find the items you are interested in by filtering the display. You can filter by item name and/or by the name of the user who created the item.

To filter the items in a table by name:

  • At the top of the table, in the Name field, type a letter or sequence of letters that appears in the name of the item you are looking for. The list is filtered as you type; only those names that contain the sequence you typed are displayed in the table.

To filter the items in a table by their creators:

  1. At the top of the table, under Created by, open the Multi-Select box.
  2. Select the users whose searches you want to see.
  3. Click Close. The list is filtered; only those items that were create by users you selected are displayed in the table.
For additional information about using the Multi-Select box, see Defining Search Criteria.

Collapsing a Table

If you do not want to display the table, you can collapse it. This may be convenient, for example, when an Interaction Grid is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

To collapse / expand a table:

  • In the upper-left corner of the table, beside the title of the table, click the collapse icon.

Removing an Interaction from an Interaction List

To remove interactions from an interaction list:

  1. In the interaction list table, click Display (file:smicon_arrow.png) to display the list of interactions in an Interaction Grid at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the checkbox to the left of each interaction you want to remove from the interaction list.
  3. In the title of the check box column click the Batch Actions icon 25px, selectDelete. The selected interactions are deleted from the list.

Deleting Multiple Saved Interaction Lists

To delete multiple saved interaction lists:

  1. In the table, select the check box to the left of each item you want to delete.
  2. Above the table, under Actions, click file:Smicon_delete.png. You are prompted to confirm that you want to delete the selected items.
  3. Click Yes. The items are deleted.

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