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Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Genesys SIP Server is a key integration point between the Genesys Customer Experience Platform and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). The integration supports several capabilities:

  • In-Front Qualification & Parking provides centralized queuing & qualification (basic IVR), before routing calls to an agent. (See the T-Server for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Deployment Guide for details.)
  • Advanced Self Service integrates Genesys Voice Platform with advanced VXML, ASR, TTS (and more) to CUCM.
  • Manage Agent-related Calls allows agents to utilize CUCM as the underlying telephony platform, while SIP Server manages calls & agent state. This is an effective alternative to the standard JTAPI-based T-Server integration.
  • Recording Integration integrates with Genesys Interaction Recording or the Genesys Recording Connector.

You can deploy any combination of these capabilities. For instance, In-Front Qualification & Parking could be deployed in conjunction with the JTAPI-based T-Server. Or a pure SIP deployment could utilize In-Front Qualification & Parking, and SIP-based agent management.

The configuration for Genesys SIP Server, as it relates to the CUCM integration, is largely the same for most of these capabilities.

It contains the following sections:

Note: The instructions on the following pages in this topic assume that both CUCM and SIP Server are fully functional as stand-alone products. The instructions only highlight modifications to the existing configuration to make these products work as an integrated solution.

See supported CUCM versions in the Supported Media Interfaces Guide.

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