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SDK Typical Use Cases

Applications of the Genesys SDKs are virtually unlimited. The following list of typical applications may give you some ideas.

Building Custom Agent Applications

By providing a custom agent application, you can improve the productivity of your agents and help them deliver a better customer experience. You will be able to adapt the application to your precise agent operations, and help your agents with the task of handling customer interactions of any channel. You will be able to improve the usability, defining your own look-and-feel, and integrating closely to the rest of applications running on your agent's desktop.

Instead of building a stand-alone application, you can also build modules that integrate into your existing custom or third-party applications. For example, a contact center agent toolbar embedded into your CRM client application.

Use the Platform SDK.

Incorporating a SIP Softphone

Integrate a softphone into your agent desktop and make the telephony experience easier for agents, providing just the functions that they need. Take control of how agents use their softphones.

Use the SIP Endpoint SDK.

Handling Real-time Statistical Data

Provide your own monitoring applications for agents and supervisors that display the precise information they need, the way you want to show it. For some special cases, you may want to process statistical data in a highly customized manner.

Use the Statistics Platform SDK.

Automating Genesys Configuration

Many contact center concepts are included in the Genesys Configuration, such as agents, places, DNs, and so on. You can integrate the management of Genesys Configuration Objects into your automated business processes, so that all systems are kept synchronized without any manual intervention. This increases the reliability of your contact center and lowers administration costs.

You can also use the Genesys Configuration to store parameters for different purposes, such as customizing routing behavior or storing agent preferences. These parameters can be modified in real-time by your custom applications.

Use the Configuration Platform SDK.

Integrating your IVR with Genesys

IVRs are able to collect customer call data that is required to be made available to other contact center systems. You can integrate your third-party IVR into the Genesys environment so that data is available for the rest of the applications, including routing, agent desktops, and reporting.

Additionally, Genesys can monitor the IVR in order to route inbound calls to the IVR ports, and collect port utilization data.

Genesys SDKs provide several alternative APIs for integrating third-party IVRs. The following guidelines can help you for choose the API that best suits your needs.

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