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Genesys Universal SDK Authorized Integrations

Subject to the terms and conditions of the Developer License Agreement (for partners) or the Customer Developer License Addendum (for customers), as applicable, Licensee or Customer, as applicable, is authorized to undertake only those integration development activities (“Integrations”) listed below. Licensee or Customer, as applicable, shall not undertake any integration development activities that are not listed below without the express written consent of the Genesys Senior Vice President of Product Marketing prior to commencing such integration development activities.

These are the authorized integrations when using the Genesys Universal SDK:

  • Agent desktop application that provides the ability to:
    • Control the agent status regarding interaction management
    • Handle any kind of interactions owned by the agent
  • Advanced agent or supervisor application that provides the ability to:
    • Display or react to real-time statistical values
    • Access or modify configuration values
    • Modify customizable routing parameters
    • Manage Outbound Campaigns
  • Enterprise-level server application that:
    • Performs synchronization of configuration data with other systems
    • Monitors and controls Genesys applications
    • Monitors telephony objects for purposes of technical administration
    • Monitors or controls outbound campaigns or feeds outbound calling lists
  • Integration of a 3rd-party workforce management system, in order to:
    • Feeding with Genesys statistics
    • Monitoring resources
    • Synchronizing configuration data
  • Wallboard integration for displaying real-time statistics.
  • Integration of a 3rd-party IVR.
  • Integration of a 3rd-party recording system.
  • Building a Genesys SIP Server-based recording system.
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