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Known Issues and Recommendations

Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor

The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list for all 9.0.x releases of Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor. This section provides the latest information on known issues and recommendations associated with this product. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. The Resolved Issues section for each release describes the corrections and may list additional issues that were corrected without first being documented as Known Issues.

See also Internationalization Issues.

Multi-byte languages are not supported.

If you run the Advisors dashboard(s) in Microsoft Internet Explorer in your enterprise, Genesys recommends that you disable the Compatibility View mode.

Changes to Contact Center Advisor (CCAdv) Hierarchy Business Attributes in the Genesys Configuration Server, such as the creation of a new Application Group Business Attribute, are not processed if the CCAdv XML Generator application has switched over to its Backup. A subsequent switchover that returns functions to the Primary XML Generator application is necessary to continue processing any new updates. Any updates that were made while the Backup application was running were probably missed.

Workaround: Restart both the Primary and the Backup XML Generator application to re-process any missed updates.

ID: CAWU-13319 Found In: Fixed In:

The Agent Group pane might not display correctly in the CCAdv dashboard after an XML Generator switchover. See the Application Configuration page for more information.

ID: CAWU-13316 Found In: Fixed In: 

When you configure a descriptive name for an Application, Agent Group, or Contact Group in CCAdv/WA, the default (technical) name fails to display as a tooltip on the dashboard. Removing the descriptive name causes the default name to display again.

Workaround: If users need to see the default technical name for an object on the dashboard, then you must remove the configured descriptive name from that object. It is not possible to display both names on the dashboard.

ID: CAWU-13303 Found In: Fixed In:

In releases prior to release 9.0, when you made a Reporting Region inactive in the Advisors administration module, the Reporting Region and its associated Application Group were removed from the CCAdv dashboard, but all of the mapping to Applications was retained. In effect, you could turn the Reporting Region off and on as needed without losing the Application configuration. Starting with Advisors release, the only way to suppress a Reporting Region or an Application Group in the dashboard view is to remove the associations (mapping) with Applications. That is, on the Application Configuration page, select the Reporting Region, filter the list of Applications, and remove the mapping configuration.

ID: CAWU-13298 Found In: Fixed In:

Contact Center Advisor can sometimes miss a time zone offset change event such as the switch to Daylight Savings time. This leaves the Advisors application operating with the old offset, which impacts metric calculations and the data source indicator. The extent of the impact and the chance of missing the event vary depending on whether the new time is offset ahead of or behind the previous time setting.

Workaround: The Platform schema owner must execute the spAddSourceViews procedure.

ID: CAWU-13289 Found In: Fixed In:

Metric Graphing does not work in Contact Center Advisor release

Workaround: Contact Customer Care to request the temporary fix.

ID: CAWU-13283, CAWU-13281 Found In: Fixed In:

In the Chrome browser, the Metric Graphing window sometimes fails to resize properly to accommodate available space, which might result in uneven spacing of objects within the window or an empty graph.

Workaround: Try reloading the Metric Graphing window; however, the issue sometimes recurs soon after a reload.

ID: CAWU-13274 Found In: Fixed In:

If the CCAdv or WA dashboard is paused, and the user changes the hierarchy grouping selection or hierarchy node selection in the Contact Centers pane while it is paused, the dashboard will not reload. Genesys recommends that users avoid changing the hierarchy grouping selection or hierarchy node selection when the dashboard is paused. If the user performs one of these actions while the dashboard is paused, the dashboard fails to update.

Workaround: Should a user perform one of the preceding actions while the dashboard is paused, the user must enable the dashboard ("unpause" the dashboard) to allow it to update. This can be done either before or after the grouping or node selection change.

ID: CAWU-13241 Found In: Fixed In: 

If a user does not have the ContactCenterAdvisor.Dashboard.AgentGroupsPane.canView privilege (which controls visibility of content in the Agent Groups pane), then that user also cannot see the contents of the Applications pane. In other words, the ContactCenterAdvisor.Dashboard.AgentGroupsPane.canView privilege currently controls access to content in both the Agent Groups and Applications panes in the Contact Center Advisor dashboard. Similarly, the WorkforceAdvisor.Dashboard.AgentGroupsPane.canView privilege currently controls access to content in both the Agent Groups and Contact Groups panes in the Workforce Advisor dashboard.

ID: CAWU-13132 Found In: Fixed In:

Changes to the Contact Center Advisor (CCAdv) and Workforce Advisor (WA) filter settings for the mobile Alerts pane might not be retained when you re-open the filter settings.

ID: CAWU-13107 Found In: Fixed In:

In an MS SQL environment where there is a large number of configured applications in the rollup, the data import task can sometimes time out and report a java.lang.IllegalStateException error message. When this happens, the CCAdv dashboard stops updating.

ID: CAWU-13105 Found In: Fixed In:

Response time has been improved for the Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor dashboards. Specifically, performance (response time) has been improved when you select a node in the Contact Centers pane. However, on certain browsers such as Internet Explorer 11, the performance continues to be slow in scenarios where there is a large amount of data. In addition, when using Internet Explorer 11, the browser can become unresponsive when it is left open for more than 1.5 hours.

ID: CAWU-12988 Found In: Fixed In:

If any DN Groups are removed from the Configuration Server, they continue to show as applications (Assigned or Available) and are not automatically removed.

Workaround: An administrator can manually remove a DN Group from the base object configuration as long as the DN Group has not yet been removed from the Configuration Server (that is, manually removing the DN Group from the base object configuration must be done before removing the DN Group from the Configuration Server). Otherwise, if the DN Group has already been removed from the Configuration Server and it was assigned to the rollup hierarchy, then an administrator can manually unassign the DN Group from the hierarchy.

ID: CAWU-12953 Found In: Fixed In:

In the Column Chooser, the Channel column in both the Available Metrics and Selected Metrics panes fails to sort correctly when you click the column heading. If you install the release Hot Fix patch, you might continue to experience the issue, but only occasionally. In Genesys testing, the issue occurred sometimes after switching libraries, for example.

ID: CAWU-12874, CAWU-13127 Found In: Fixed In: 

You must provide authentication information in order for WA to connect to the WFM Server. Ensure authentication is enabled in the WFM Server Application; turning off this authentication is not supported.

ID: CAWU-12272 Found In: Fixed In: 

When you create a metric library in the Column Chooser and click Apply, you might see an error message on the dashboard and the library drop-down menu might show Unsaved Library rather than showing the name of the newly-created metric library.

Workaround: Click the Library drop-down menu in the dashboard and select the metric library of your choice.

ID: PLT-8066 Found In: Fixed In:

If you open Column Chooser and click Apply before returning to your CCAdv or WA dashboard, you might see an error message on the dashboards, whether you made changes to metric selections in Column Chooser or not. The error message is: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined. You can ignore this message; it does not indicate a problem on the dashboards.

ID: PLT-8064 Found In: Fixed In:

Internationalization Issues

Information in this section is included for international customers. Release numbers in the Found In and Fixed In fields refer to the English (US) release of Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor unless otherwise noted in the issue description.

There are no internationalization issues for this product.

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