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Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
12/22/17 General X

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What's New

This section describes new features that were introduced in this release for both Performance DNA (formerly Genesys Skills Assessor) and Genesys Training Manager.

  • Skills Assessor has been renamed to Performance DNA.
  • SQL Server Analysis Services is no longer required.
  • All DNA screens and functionality have been significantly updated.
  • Enhancements to DNA and Calculated Component Calculations include the following:
    • The ability to define how null values are handled for each KPI.
    • The ability to have a default value, to be used if a KPI is missing.
    • Better handling of data over time, particularly around calculated components and how they are included in DNA blocks. For example, how missing data should be handled (Defaults or Gaps).
  • A new mechanism for storing the results of KPIs which allows quicker reporting and analysis.
  • New logic for doing calculations. DNA and calculations are now calculated in real time, instead of being pre-calculated. This means that the precise values can be calculated for any date range, rather than combining a number of pre-calculated data blocks.
  • Enhancements to DNA Building, Data Collection and Management include:
    • Targets can be changed more easily.
    • Targets can be tied to date ranges, so that a target can change over time.
    • Better administration for large numbers of common blocks/KPIs. For example a customer might have several different groups with the same DNA blocks, but different targets.
    • RAG Statuses have been replaced with Thresholds. This allows much more control over the highlighting of different performance levels, with the ability for more than 3 levels and the ability for the threshold boundaries to change over time.
  • Enhancements to Analysis of DNA Data Skills analysis,"Update Routing Skills", and Auto Rank have been updated to use the new approach to calculating scores. The Auto Rank application has been replaced by an event runner in the core Performance DNA product. System is designed to make it easier for users to interrogate the system and analyze for themselves what is happening.
  • Enhancements to Presentation of DNA Data include:
    • Better look and feel for DNA blocks and components.
    • Ability to drill down into calculated component blocks and see details of how the scores were arrived at.
    • Ability to report on KPIs and DNAs, such as looking at trends over time and comparing performance against targets.
    • New analysis screens My DNA, DNA Comparison and Filtered DNA replace former Top DNA Agents and Filtered DNA Screens.
    • New partition chart visualization for DNA.
    • New version of User progress graph. The graph now shows events that were scheduled in the planner, making it easier to identify the impact of training.
  • New and improved default branding.
  • Added new utility to make changing system and service passwords easier.
  • Added HTTPS support for LMS integration.
  • Added Rest API for Tenant Creation and Management.
  • Improved support for reverse proxies.
  • Improved support for connecting to EWM/IWD through a proxy.
  • Changes to the way the installer creates app pools, to simplify administration and help with startup times.
  • Improved support when using load balancers. Sticky sessions are no longer necessary if system is configured to store the session state in the DB.
  • There is no longer a requirement for an OLAP cube or SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • Telerik controls updated to address security vulnerability.
  • Updated Teleopti Branding Images.
  • Files to be processed by OrgData can now be uploaded through the Performance DNA UI.
  • Reporting Administration role can now be used to give people rights to see reports across the hierarchy, without needing to give them full administration rights.
  • Added HTTPS support for LMS integration.
  • Added Rest API for Tenant Creation and Management.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues for both Performance DNA (formerly Genesys Skills Assessor) and Genesys Training Manager:

  • Performance DNA - Language Packs no longer overwrite other Languages.
  • Planner - scenarios clash with master publishing (training and meetings).
  • Optimizer - Users and Hierarchy - Nodes no longer disappear when expanded.
  • Request Booking changes supplied date window (on Azure).
  • "Request Booking" - Portal no longer displays session times one hour later than reality (on Azure).
  • Trend Graph has been removed from the list of available widgets.
  • Fixed bug where Portal Admins got given Wfm Ids and this broke Calendars.
  • Email Messaging Service config now has an encrypted config file.

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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