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Genesys Interactive Insights Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
02/25/16 General X X X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Beginning with this release, support is added for reporting on Callback. This includes 2 new reports, supported by 2 classes, 11 dimensions, 6 conditions, 2 lov, and more than 80 new measures. Callback is also supported in certain GI2 release 8.1.1 cloud deployments. For more information, see the Supplement page in the Genesys Interactive Insights Universe Guide.
  • Beginning with this release, support is added for reporting on Post Call Survey. Ten new hidden dimensions and 2 new hidden classes are added to support this change. For more information, see the Supplement page in the Genesys Interactive Insights Universe Guide.
  • The BI platform was upgraded from BI 4.1 SP5 to BI 4.1 SP6.
  • Beginning with this release, the Genesys Interactive Insights Universe Guide is no longer included in the IP. Together with other documentation for GI2, it is available online at docs.genesys.com/GI2
  • The universe was updated to enable the inclusion of Low Cardinality User Data in Detail reports. To support this enhancement, changes were made in dimensions, and the following new classes were added:
    • Class Detail/Handling Attempt/Handling Attempt User Data Example
    • Class Transfer/Transfer User Data Example/Source
    • Class Transfer/Transfer User Data Example/Target
  • The following changes were made in the universe to account for changes in the Genesys Info Mart 8.5.003 database schema:
    • The definition of the Callback Detail\Desired Time measure was changed to CALLBACK_FACT_GI2.DESIRED_TIME_TS.
  • A new template condition, PreSetAndDayAndTimeRange MSSQL, was added to the Service Objects class to improve performance of Detail reports on MSSQL Server partitioned databases. To force MSSQL Server to perform partition elimination in Detail reports, you can include this template in standard PreSetAndDayAndTimeRange conditions from the Detail class.
  • Some Person objects in the database are not Agents. Beginning with GI2 a new filter (RESOURCE_GI2.RESOURCE_SUBTYPE='Agent'), which is available in the Agent Name dimension definition, can identify and filter out these objects so that they do not appear in List of Values associated with Agent Name dimensions, or in reports.
    This filter is available only in deployments with Genesys Info Mart 8.5.004 (General) or 8.5.003 (Hot Fix) or later Genesys Info Mart releases. For earlier Genesys Info Mart releases, you can filter these objects by creating a SQL script to remove non-Agent Persons from the RESOURCE_GI2 view. The resulting view should be similar to the following:
    not exists (select 1 
      from GIDB_GC_AGENT gc 
      where r.RESOURCE_CFG_TYPE_ID=3 /* CFGPerson */
        and r.RESOURCE_CFG_DBID=gc.ID /* join by PK */
        and gc.TYPE=1 /* not isAgent */)

Resolved Issues

This release contains no resolved issues.

Upgrade Notes

Refer to the Deployment Procedure for this release to deploy the installation package within your environment.

Supported Languages

See Release 8.5.x Translation Support.

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