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iWD Manager Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
08/27/14 General X X X X

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List of Release Notes

New in This Release

There are no restrictions for this release. This section describes new features that were introduced in this release of iWD Manager.

  • Configuration management for the iWD solution is now carried out in the Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) environment and the iWD GAX Plug-in. Please see the Deployment Guide document for full details.
    • Departments and Processes are removed from iWD Manager and configured in the IWD Plug-in for GAX.
    • Generic Capture Points are removed from iWD Manager and now configured in the GAX component.
    • Services are removed from iWD Manager and now configured in the IWD Plug-in for GAX.
    • The Services view is removed from iWD Manager and has been replaced by a Data Mart dashboard in the IWD Plug-in for GAX.
    • The Modules and Components mechanism from iWD Manager has been removed.
    • Lookup Tables are removed from iWD Manager and now configured in the IWD Plug-in for GAX.
    • Support for legacy Capture Points is discontinued. Users now need to use the Integrated Capture Points provided by Interaction Server. The only remaining capture point on the iWD side is a Generic Capture Point, that is a pure configuration object and has no capture point task-processing logic.
  • iWD now uses Genesys Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to control which elements in Genesys configuration are available to users. RBAC replaces the Security Policy functionality that was previously in iWD Manager.
  • Online Help for iWD Manager is now context-sensitive and delivered to the iWD Manager UI via a browser from the docs.genesys.com website.
  • iWD Setup Utility wizard screens are re-implemented in GAX Automated Service Deployment plug-in. Selection of Runtime Node, BCMS and iWD Solution page have been removed.
  • Additional Audit Trail messages are now supported for iWD in the GAX environment.
  • Introduction of iWD Manager Language Packs. Language Packs allow installers to select the language in which the user interface (UI) and online help files display.
  • Support for Customer/Partner Localization - Products that support translation (those with localization kits) now permit customers/partners to apply their own translations to the user interface in cases where an official Genesys translation is not available.
  • Additional Browser Support
    • Support for Google Chrome.
    • Support for Firefox 24ESR.
    • Support for Internet Explorer 10 and 11.
  • Additional Servlet Support
    • Support for Java 7 EE bundle.
    • Support for Java 7 SE bundle.
  • Additional Servlet Engines
    • Support for IBM Websphere Application Server 8.
  • Additional Database Server Support:
    • MS SQL Server 2012 Cluster.
    • MS SQL Server 2012.
    • Support for SQL Server 2008 Cluster.
  • Additional Virtualization Platform Support
    • Windows 2012 Server Hyper-V.
  • Additional Platform Support
    • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 64-bit native.
    • Support for Windows Server 2012 64-bit native.

Corrections and Modifications

This release also includes the following corrections or modifications:

A problem with validation of user inputs by the ETL service has been corrected in the new IWD GAX Plugin. (IWD-3518)

The way GTL filter criteria are processed has been enhanced to ensure that the correct order is maintained. (IWD-3507)

The connection to Universal Contact Server (UCS) has been significantly changed to improve performance. There is no longer a separate connection for each task restart operation. Instead, when the first task is being restarted, iWD Manager tries to connect with UCS. If this succeeds, the connection is reused by the next restarted task. If the connection fails, iWD Manager skips the UCS connection for other restarted tasks. The next attempt to connect with UCS will be made not less than 60 seconds later. If a connection to UCS is not properly configured, iWD Manager will not try to reconnect till the end of the user session. As a result, regardless of whether a connection to UCS is available or not, bulk operations of restarting many tasks will be faster in most cases. (IWD-3556)

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