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Platform SDK Resources

This page describes additional resources located on this site and the Genesys Support site.

Related Documentation

Depending on what type of development you are doing with the Platform SDKs, the following resources may be useful for providing background information about your Genesys environment.

Genesys Events and Models Reference Manual

Use with: T-Server, Interaction Server

Download: Genesys Events and Models Reference Manual

If you are working with T-Server or Interaction Server, you should download and start reading the Genesys Events and Models Reference Manual right away. This document provides you with a large collection of two different types of important information, organized into two separate sections.

  • Part 1: Genesys Events is the events portion of this document. The information in this part is wide-ranging, and includes everything from the names and descriptions of events, to the attributes that go with these events, to the definitions of event sub-states.
  • Part 2: Genesys Interaction Models is the models portion of this document. It contains a selected list of call and interaction models. This information is also wide ranging. Based on the history of how this information has been presented in the past in various documents, model details may differ from chapter to chapter. (Note: This document also includes open media interaction models previously included in the Multimedia 7.5 Open Media Interaction Models Reference Manual.

In both parts of this document, chapters are organized according to the type of event or model being described. So, for example, both parts one and two have specific chapters on voice-based issues that center on T-Library’s generation of events and how calls are routed in a contact center.

Framework Stat Server User’s Guide

Use with: Stat Server

See the Stat Server page to download the User's Guide by version.

Reporting Technical Reference

Use with: Stat Server

Download: Reporting Technical Reference 8.0 Overview

Download: Reporting Technical Reference Guide for the Genesys 7.2 Release

Code Samples

The documentation for the Platform SDK includes a number of code samples. These samples are for illustrative purpose only:

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