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Genesys Frontline Advisor Help

The Frontline Advisor dashboard gives you a real-time view of agent activity. You can configure alerts in Frontline Advisor to draw immediate attention to agents who need coaching so you can more effectively manage results and performance-related activity.

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Viewing the Frontline Advisor Dashboard Using a Mobile Device

Starting with Advisors release 9.0, you can view your Frontline Advisor hierarchy on your mobile device. The Advisors mobile view is designed to be an express service that lets you easily view the Hierarchy pane on any mobile device that has a supported browser. For additional information about the mobile view, see Frontline Advisor Mobile View Dashboard.


If you have visual impairment, you can work with Frontline Advisor using an accessibility interface. Frontline Advisor supports JAWS Standard software, an accessibility interface that provides a series of keyboard shortcuts for navigating the tabulated information on the screen. The screen contents are translated into voice in the local language. Additional language options are dependent on the version of Advisors used in your enterprise.

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