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FA State Source Metrics

The following tables show the list of source metrics populated by the data contributor(s). These tables also show how the source metrics are populated from the Genesys platform.
The format for the login timestamp is locale specific.
For English it is HH12:MI:SS AM MM/DD/YYYY.
For German it is HH24:MI:SS DD/MM/YYYY.

Source Metrics Retrieved for Each Agent

The source metrics in the following Table all relate to stored procedure FA_Update_State_Source_Metric.
Current Skill Group and Call Type metrics are available only in the Cisco environment.

Source Metric Name Description
CurrentState (state) The current state of the agent.
LoginTime (loginT) The login timestamp for an agent.
TimeInCurrentState (stateT) The time the agent has been in the current state.
ReasonCode (rcode) Any reasons attached to the current state of the agent.
Current Skill Group (sg) Current skill group of the agent
Call Type (service) Call type

Genesys Adapter Statistic Template Definitions for State Metrics

The statistic template definitions in the following Table all have the Current time profile as their default.

Source Metric Name Genesys Metric Name
CurrentState Informiam.CurrentAgentState
LoginTime Informiam.Login_Timestamp
TimeInCurrentState Informiam.Time_CurrState
ReasonCode Informiam.Reason_Code

Each of the statistic templates defined above specifies the following values:
DBAppSpecificIdColumnName: stateMetricId

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