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Optimizer Configuration

Follow the steps below to configure the Moodle integration in Optimizer.

  1. Login to Optimizer as an administrator
  2. Click the System Settings link from the System menu.
  3. Click the General Settings tab.
  4. Ensure that the LMS Integration Enabled option is ticked.
  5. Enter the Moodle URL in the LMS URL field (e.g. www.yourmoodle.com/moodle).
  6. Set the LMS Type to the appropriate LMS for your environment.
  7. Enter the Moodle token created previously into the LMS Webservice token field.
  8. Set the LMS UserID Field to the user field that matches the users’ Moodle usernames.
  9. Click the Save Changes button.

Once the above changes have been applied, it will be possible to create Moodle course learning items within Optimizer and assign them to users. The users will then be assigned to the associate courses when they access Moodle.

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