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Moodle Configuration

To support the Optimizer, Moodle configuration, a new external service plugin must be added to Moodle. Follow the steps below to create this service.

  1. Login to your Moodle instance as an administrator.
  2. Browse to the External services page from the Home > Site Administration > Plugins > Web Services menu.
  3. Click the Add link to add a new External Service.
  4. Enter a name, short name in the new External service form and set the service to be enabled and (optionally) set to allow Authorized users only. Then click the Add service button.
  5. From the External services menu, locate the new service and click the Functions link.
  6. Click the Add functions link.
  7. Search and add the following functions to the new service:
    • core_course_get_courses
    • core_course_get_categories
    • core_user_get_users
    • enrol_manual_enrol_users
    • core_enrol_get_users_courses
    • block_rate_course_suggest_course
  8. Return to the External services page.
  9. Click the Authorized users link for the new service.
  10. Create a new user and move user to the left part of the page (so that they are listed in the Authorized users pane). Alternatively, an existing user can be used. Note: the authorized user must have site admin privileges.
  11. Browse to the Manage Protocols page from the Site Administration > Advanced Features > Plugins > Web Services menu.
  12. If the REST protocol is not enabled, enable it and click the Save changes button.
  13. Browse to the Manage Token page from the Site Administration > Advanced Features > Plugins > Web Services menu.
  14. Click the Add link.
  15. Search for the user who was previously authorised to use the new service in the Search bar and select the user from the results.
  16. Select the new service from the Service dropdown, leave the IP restriction field empty and the valid until control disabled, then click Save changes.
  17. Once the token is created, make a note of the token code as this is required in the Optimizer configuration
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