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New In The 8.1 Release

The table below summarizes the schema changes that occurred to iWD Data Mart tables between the and 8.1.x releases. Where a column was renamed in 8.0.x, data types remained the same and therefore, are not listed in the table. Because of its relational structure, changes were also made to the construction and/or names of:

  • Views that were based on tables that were altered.
  • Indexes (because the names of some primary keys were changed).

For index and view constructions, refer to the sql_scripts/<db_type> directory that is deployed during installation, where <db_type> is one of the following:

  • mssql
  • oracle
  • mysql

Beginning with the iWD 8.0.002 release, the provided schema supports Genesys Interactive Insights for iWD—a Genesys product that offers summary and detail reports that cover various aspects of task management within an enterprise.

Also new in this release of this document are guidelines/instructions for how to customize statistics and aggregates. Refer to the Customizing IWD topic for this information. For other types of changes to this release, such as to iWD deployment and functionality, refer to the intelligent Workload Distribution 8.1 Deployment Guide, the intelligent Workload Distribution 8.1 Release Notes, the Genesys Migration Guide, and other documents within the iWD documentation set.

iWD Schema Changes Between the and 8.1.x Releases
Table in Table in 8.1.0 Column in Column in 8.1.0
BUSINESS_RULE -- All columns --
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