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Upgrading Web Services and Applications

This article provides instructions on how to upgrade Web Services and Applications from a specific version up to the currently available version and describes the steps to perform on each node where Web Services and Applications are run. The order in which you upgrade Web Services and Applications nodes doesn’t matter; you can upgrade all nodes simultaneously or one at a time.

During a migration, we strongly recommend to avoid changing the configuration files if the changes are not required by the migration procedure. Configuration changes can cause the migration to fail. In the event of a failure, you will need to rollback to previous version instead of rolling back only the changed options. You should only change configuration after verification that the migration to new version completed successfully.

Choose one of the following procedures:

  • If you are a Genesys Interaction Recording (GIR) customer and you are migrating Web Services and Applications or, refer to Genesys Interaction Recording Migration Guide.
  • Version introduced support for the Cassandra 2.2 database. You have the option to migrate to new Cassandra according to steps are described in Upgrading Cassandra to 2.2. This is not a mandatory step, so you can maintain the Cassandra 1.2 cluster with latest version of Web Services and Applications. If you decide to upgrade the Cassandra cluster, we recommend that you perform this operation separately from the Web Services and Applications migration; not at the same time.
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