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Tuning Role-Based Access in Genesys Administrator

Web Engagement 8.5.1 supports role-based access for the following privileges:

  • Access to Web Engagement Categories—allows users to create, read, update, or delete Web Engagement categories.
  • Access to Web Engagement Pacing Configuration—allows users to configure Web Engagement pacing settings in Agent Group objects.

Note: Once you have enabled these privileges, as shown below, you must grant the appropriate privileges to any users who need to use the related functionality.

Here is how to set up these privileges:


You have created at least one Genesys Web Engagement Server application in the Configuration Server (see Creating a Node Application).

  1. Open Genesys Administrator.
  2. Go to Account/Roles and open your role (or create a new one).
  3. Create a new Role dedicated to the Genesys Web Engagement Management UI and name it accordingly. For example, GWE851_Admin.
  4. Go to the Role Privileges tab. In the Add/Remove Products list, select the Genesys Web Engagement product. The privileges Access to GWE Categories Management and Access to GWE Pacing Configuration will appear.
  5. Change the state of both privileges to Allowed.
  6. Click the Save & Close button.
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