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Additional Methods

Besides the main API methods, the following methods are also available since chat version 850.6.0:

  • onBeforeChatOptionsApplied—Use this method to modify options before the chat starts or restores. This method may be useful if you do not control the startChat() call but still need to control some of the options.
  • onSession—This is an alternative method of accessing the Chat Service JS API. This method is an alternative to accessing the Chat Service JS API through the done callbacks of the startChat and restoreChat methods. This method may be useful if you do no control the startChat call.
  • close—Close the chat widget. Added in 850.5.0
  • toggle—Minimize or restore the chat widget. Added in 850.6.0.
  • onMinimized—Add a callback when the chat widget is minimized or restored. Added in 850.6.0
  • isMinimized—Check if the chat widget is minimized. Added in 850.6.0
  • VERSION—Returns current chat version. Added in 850.1.0
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