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Tested Browsers

The following is a list of all Genesys-tested browsers for both web and mobile.

If you do not see your device/OS/browser combination listed below, please contact Genesys support. Help will be decided on a per-case basis.

Support for the device/OS/browser combinations listed below will only be available for as long as Genesys labs can properly reproduce the issue.

Please let Genesys know of any issues you encounter with any of our tested browsers.

Desktop Browsers

Browser Release Version
Microsoft Edge 14+
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome 47+
Firefox 43+
Safari 8+

Mobile Browsers

OS Family Device Operating System Browser Release Version Known


Android Galaxy S5 Mini Android 4.4 Chrome 30 There is currently limited Unicode emoji support. At a minimum, the following emoji are supported on the Android Galaxy 5S Mini:
  • ☺ U+263A
  • 👍 U+1F44D
  • ☹ U+2639
Galaxy S5 Android 4.4 Chrome 49.0 n/a
Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.3 Chrome 49.0 n/a
Galaxy Tab 4 Android 4.4 Chrome 49.0 n/a
Google Nexus 9 Android 5.1 Chrome 54.0 n/a
Google Nexus 7 Android 6 Chrome 49.0 n/a
Kindlle Fire HDX 7 Android 4.3 Android Browser 4 n/a
iOS iPhone 5S iOS 7.1 Safari 7 n/a
iPhone 6 iOS 8.1 Safari 8 n/a
iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.1 Safari 8 n/a
iPad Mini 2 iOS 8.1 Safari 8 n/a
iPad Air iOS 8.3 Safari 8 n/a
iPad Pro iOS 9.3 Safari 9 n/a
iPad Pro iOS 10 Safari 10 n/a
Windows Phone Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8.1 IE11 n/a
Lumia 930 Windows Phone 8.1 IE11 n/a
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