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Creating Localized Files for your chosen language

Localization files in Skills Management are resource files, which means that they are files with a .resx extension. Internally they use an XML format, which means you can edit them with the text editor of your choice.

The only exception to the XML format is the JavaScript resources file for Portal (JavaScriptLibraryResources.en.js) which is a JavaScript file; the resources can still be edited with a plain text editor, however.

The language that the resource file represents is indicated by the prefix of the resource file name extension. For example examplefile.fr.resx would indicate a French resource file.

For a list of country and language codes, please see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes

To create a new localization, copy the resource files from any existing language, and change the country code to reflect the language that you are translating to. Then simply edit the file providing the correct translations for each item in the file.

The files that need to be translated can be found in the resources folder which is provided alongside the delivered applications and user guides in the code provided by Genesys.

If you only have access to the installer files, please contact the person in your organisation with access to the Genesys Solutions suite code, or contact Genesys, who will provide you with the relevant resource files.

The following section describes how to deploy the newly created translation files to the Skills Management system.

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