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Editing Rules Packages

Follow these steps to edit an existing rule package:

  1. Select the node (post-8.5.1) or Tenant (pre-8.5.1) to which the rule package belongs from the drop-down list.
  2. In the Explorer Tree, select the name of the rule package.
  3. In the Details Panel, you can modify the Description field, and update which template(s) to include in the rule package. You cannot edit the Package Name and type, but you can edit the Business Name of the rule package. Click Save.
    If you want to update the rule package by selecting a newer version of a template that is already associated with the package, you must deselect the current version of that template before saving your changes. You can only have one version of a particular rule template associated with a package at any time.
    Be careful when changing templates or template versions as it could affect existing rules. For example, an existing rule might use a condition that does not exist in a different version of the template. Consult with the rule template developer to ensure that you are choosing the correct templates/versions for your application. Multiple versions of templates are available for selection.
  4. To edit the Global rules that are configured for the rule package, select the name of the package in the Explorer Tree, and then click on the Rules tab. To edit the rules created for a specific business context, select the node in the Explorer Tree.
  5. You can also edit the Business Calendars that are configured for your rule package.
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