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Installing Genesys Mobile Services

With basic Configuration Server details in place, you are ready to complete the installation process.

Important.png Note: Genesys does not recommend installation of its components via a Microsoft Remote Desktop connection. The installation should be performed locally.

Install Genesys Mobile Services

Purpose: To install Genesys Mobile Services in your environment.

Prerequisites: Create and configure a Genesys Mobile Services Application Object.


  1. In your installation package, locate and double-click the setup application for your platform as specified below. The Install Shield opens the welcome screen.
    • Linux: install.sh
    • Windows: setup.exe
  2. Click Next. The Connection Parameters to the Configuration Server screen appears.
  3. Under Host, specify the host name and port number where Configuration Server is running. (This is the main "listening" port entered in the Server Info tab for Configuration Server, which is also used for authentication in the Configuration Manager login dialog box.)
  4. Select Use Client Side port, if needed. Click Next.
  5. Select the Genesys Mobile Services Application that you are installing. The Application Properties area shows the Type, Host, Working Directory, Command Line executable, and Command Line Arguments information previously entered in the Server Info and Start Info tabs of the selected Application object.
  6. Click Next. The Choose Destination Location screen appears.
  7. Under Destination Folder, keep the default destination or browse for the desired installation location.
  8. Click Next. The Server Configuration Parameters screen appears.
  9. Specify whether this instance of Genesys Mobile Services is going to be a seed node server (a primary server within a GMS cluster). In either case, you also need to specify the amount of RAM dedicated to maintaining the Apache Cassandra database that Genesys Mobile Services uses for its operations (Genesys recommends allocating 2Gb of RAM for jvm). Also, if you make this instance a backup server, you must specify the IP Address of the primary Genesys Mobile Services server before continuing.
  10. Click Next. The Ready to Install screen appears.
  11. Click Install. The Genesys Installation Wizard indicates it is performing the requested operation. When through, the Installation Complete screen appears.
  12. Click Finish to complete your installation of Genesys Mobile Services.
  13. Repeat this procedure to install GMS on other hosts.


Next Steps: Configure ORS and Deploy DFM files.

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