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Interaction SDK Java Deployment Guide

The Interaction SDK Set

Interaction SDK Java comprises three core application programming interfaces (APIs):

  • Agent Interaction (Java API), an object-based library interface.
  • Media Interaction (Java API).
  • Queued Interaction (Java API).
This document is valid only for the 7.6.6 release(s) of this product.

These components allow the processing of voice, multimedia, and Open Media interactions. Using these APIs, you can integrate virtually all activities into your contact center, queue these interactions, and present the interactions to agents based on priorities that you set in your business rules.

Below, Agent Interaction (Java API) is sometimes abbreviated AIL. Media Interaction (Java API) is abbreviated MIL. Queued Interaction (Java API) is abbreviated QIL.

Agent Interaction (Java API) is a set of components that interact with Genesys servers. AIL exposes an interface that enables you to develop agent applications that follow any distributed architecture (stand-alone, N-Tier, and so on). With AIL, you can control and manage interactions for many different kinds of media including:

  • E-mail
  • Chat
  • Cobrowse
  • Voice (including Callback and Outbound Campaign calls)
  • Open Media

MIL enables your applications to process Open Media interaction types, such as those associated with:

  • Fax servers
  • Workflow systems
  • Non-Genesys e-mail management and web chat applications
  • Scanned documents
  • Web-based training
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Media types that you define

QIL enables your applications to monitor and manage multimedia and Open Media interactions.
This guide outlines how to configure and install AIL, MIL, and QIL, using the Installation Package CD. That Installation Package includes the following source files:

  • AIL 7.6, MIL 7.6, and QIL 7.6 APIs for all supported operating systems.
  • Agent Interaction SDK Client template
  • Agent Interaction SDK Server template
  • Media Interaction SDK template
  • Queued Interaction SDK template

Chapter Summaries

In addition to this preface, this document contains the following chapters:

List of Procedures

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