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Installing Business Edition Premise

The Business Edition Premise installation consists of an off-site and on-site portion. The off-site installation steps are performed before the server is delivered to the Premise (or customer) site and the on-site installation steps are performed after the server is delivered to the Premise site.

Although Business Edition Premise typically comes pre-installed on a server, you can also procure the required server and install Business Edition Premise on it yourself, as detailed on this page.

If you have received your server with the VM already deployed, you can skip Part I: Off-site installation and proceed directly to Part II: On-site installation.

Part I: Off-site installation

These steps describe how to prepare the server for delivery to the Premise site.

[+] Step 1. Procure the required hardware

[+] Step 2. Provision the network

[+] Step 3. Set up the server hardware and iDRAC

[+] Step 4. Obtain the required licenses

[+] Step 5. Configure the server

[+] Step 6. Install the VMware vSphere ESXi Server and Client

[+] Step 7. Configure the VM storage requirements

[+] Step 8. Deploy the VM platform

[+] Step 9. Enable VM restoration

[+] Step 10. Confirm that the VM starts

[+] Step 11. Off-site verification checklist
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Part II: On-site installation

These steps describe how to finalize the server installation and configuration at the Premise site. Perform these steps only after the off-site portion of the installation is complete and the server is delivered to the Premise site. The steps are divided into several subsections and must be completed in the order described.

Follow these instructions to install the VM environment for Business Edition Premise.

Before you begin

[+] Step 1. Confirm that you have the required licenses

[+] Step 2. Provision the network

Hardware configuration

[+] Step 3. Set up hardware monitoring

[+] Step 4. Configure Time Zone and Network Time Protocol (NTP)

DHCP and DNS server assignment

[+] Step 5. Update DHCP and DNS servers for ESXi

[+] Step 6. Update DHCP and DNS servers for the VM

[+] Step 7. Configure NTP on the ESXi server to synchronize the VM

VM configuration

[+] Step 8. Power on and configure the VM

[+] Step 9. Configure the BOE tuneup script

[+] Step 10. Apply Microsoft and Genesys application licenses and configuration changes

[+] Step 11. Verify the IP address of the VM

[+] Step 12. Verify the status of Genesys services

[+] Step 13. Create the ORS Interaction Queue

Final steps

[+] Step 14. Backup the VM
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