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System maintenance


You need to maintain your Dell server as you would any server with a critical-path RAID array. See the Dell Owner's Manual for your R720, R430, or R420.

Failure to monitor the health of your RAID array can result in loss of data. Ensure that Dell hardware monitoring with email notification is set up and includes active email addresses. See Setting up Dell hardware monitoring.

If you are experiencing hardware issues, contact your BEP provider for diagnostics and replacement of failed components.


The Genesys component software in Business Edition Premise requires limited maintenance; however, you are responsible for the following:

  • Completing a backup of the system after installation.
  • Updating Business Edition Premise credentials after installation.
  • Installing anti-virus software consistent with corporate guidelines (Genesys does not recommend anti-virus software running on hosts with SIP RTP messaging as it can affect voice quality).
  • Enabling security policies/firewall per corporate guidelines.
  • Installing updates.
  • For the content, maintenance, and upkeep of the built-in MS SQL or Postgre SQL (configuration) databases. The user IDs and passwords are provided in the database section on this page.

Log files

FTC regulations may require that Outbound Contact Server (OCS) audit logs be stored for up to 24 months. Due to storage limitations, the log zip utility on the core VM is configured to only retain these logs for a maximum of 60 days. It is your responsibility to move the logs to external storage before the 60-day expiration.

Database access

To aid security, Genesys instructs your BEP provider to change the default passwords below when they configure your system. In that case, you must ask your provider for the revised passwords.

To access the built-in MS SQL or Postgre SQL (configuration database) databases, use these credentials:

Database and role User name Password
Postgre SQL administrator postgres Postgre$0
MS SQL administrator sa G3n35y5!
MS SQL user genesys Genesy$_0

Recommendations and options

External system interfaces:

  • Media Gateway/SBC: add network bandwidth and provision the network infrastructure.
  • Agent phones: add network bandwidth and provision the network and phones.
  • Organization email (if the customer selects the email option): provision the network.
  • Organization backend servers (optional): provision the network and security information.
  • Organization Network Management System (optional): provision the network and security information.
  • For the optional email package, set up an account for the ESJ server to connect with the corporate email server to pick up incoming email.

Network voice requirements:

  • 50ms between particular endpoints
  • MOS > 4
  • R factor > 70
  • network jitter < 40ms
  • RTP packet loss 0
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