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Updating Configuration Definitions

The Genesys Configuration database includes a set of predefined data items that enumerate available products and their capabilities. This information is located in separate database initialization scripts CfgLocale_xxx.sql (where xxx is the abbreviation for the particular DBMS being used), and match database schema initialization scripts. Locale data identifies what is being translated to national languages. In a localized environment, default local content has been extended (in a multi-language database) or replaced (in a single language database) with translated locale. Translated locales are available as parts of localization packs (for 8.5 and later), discussed below.

Locale data changes more frequently than the database schema itself, and you might find the need to load updated locale from time to time to enable new products in your existing environment. The procedure of updating locale discussed below.

Locale files are tied to a particular Configuration Database schema version (not the Configuration Server version). If an update of the locale is necessary, pick up the latest available locale that match your target schema version. For example, if you are running database schema 8.1, you must obtain the latest locale available for Configuration Server 8.1. Likewise, if you are using database schema 8.5, you must select the latest locale available for 8.5.

Updates of the locale independent of the database schema is supported starting from release 8.1.1. For releases prior to 8.1.1, you must update the entire schema to get new application types and other definitions.

Loading and Uploading Latest Locale Definitions

In release 8.5.1 and above, locale scripts are located in the locale folder of the Database Maintenance Scripts IP. In releases prior to 8.5.1, they are located in the scripts folder of the Configuration Server IP.

If you are looking for particular definitions to be added to your existing database, please review the Release Notes for Configuration Server and/or Configuration Database Maintenance Scripts, and Release Notes of particular Genesys products to determine what definitions you want to use, to determine the earliest version from which version of Configuration Server and/or Configuration Maintenance Scripts contain the locale with these definitions.

If you cannot see a definition available in any versions of Configuration Server or Maintenance Scripts packages suitable for your database schema, the definition is not compatible or is not yet available. Consider upgrading the database schema to the latest version where these definitions are present.

After you have determined which IP contains the locale you want to use, download and install it to obtain the locale scripts. For Release 8.5.1 and above, install the latest Configuration Database Maintenance Scripts package and get the locale script from the locale subfolder in the IP. For previous releases, install the latest Configuration Server package, select the Standalone Database Initialization Scripts option during installation, and get the locale files from the scripts subfolder in the IP.

Updating the Configuration Database Locale

Install the Upgrade Scripts package on the host where DBMS client software is installed and can access the target Configuration Database. You can upgrade the locale using the database upgrade scripts directly, or by using the Configuration Conversion Wizard (CCW).

Use the following procedure to upgrade the locale. [+] Show procedure

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