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Database Access Points

To provide an interface between applications in the Genesys installation and databases to which the applications require access, the Configuration Layer uses the concept of a Database Access Point.

A Database Access Point (DAP) is an object of the Application type that describes both the parameters required for communication with a particular database and the parameters of the database itself. If, according to your configuration, a database can be accessed by multiple applications simultaneously, register one DAP for each possible connection.

Creating a DAP

To create a DAP, you do not have to install a DAP; you only need to configure it.

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Using DAPs

To interface an Application object with a database through a certain DAP, add the DAP to the list of the Application's connections.

Additional steps required to provide Windows Authentication are discussed in Windows Authentication with MS SQL Server.

DAP Configuration Options

Configuration options for DAP are set by values that you enter on the Configuration tab when creating a DAP object in Genesys Administrator. For more information about the options, refer to the Framework Configuration Options Reference Manual.

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