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Media Server

Also known as MS. A Multimedia component that interfaces with a particular media to bring interactions into the Genesys Multimedia system. Supported media are e-mail (for E-mail Server Java) and chat (for Chat Server).



About Composer

Composer is an Integrated Development Environment, based on Eclipse, which Web Application developers can use to build VoiceXML, CCXML, GRXML, and SCXML applications.

Note: To familiarize yourself with basic Eclipse concepts, refer to the Workbench User Guide by selecting Help > Help Content s in the Composer main window and expanding the Workbench User Guide link.

Applications That Can be Developed

For the Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) 8.x Next Generation Interpreter (NGI), Composer provides the ability to develop:

  • CCXML + VXML Applications requiring advanced call control features including conferencing.
  • CTI + VXML Applications for Genesys Framework.

For the Orchestration Server 8.x SCXML Engine/Interpreter, Composer provides the ability to develop:

Composer also provides Integrated CTI + VoiceXML applications for end-to-end treatment handling in conjunction with GVP and Media Server.

For step-by-step instructions on using Composer, see the Composer Help

This document is valid only for the 8.1.3 release of this product.

Intended Audience

This wiki is primarily intended for system integrators and administrators. It has been written with the assumption that you have a basic understanding of:

  • Computer-telephony integration (CTI) concepts, processes, terminology, and applications
  • Network design and operation
  • Your own network configurations

You should also be familiar with the Genesys Framework architecture.

While you can build applications by working solely with Composer’s blocks or Project templates, you can also use State Chart Extensible Markup Language (SCXML) and VoiceXML when building applications.

Contacting Customer Care

If you have purchased support directly from Genesys, please contact Genesys Customer Care.

Before contacting Customer Care, please refer to the Genesys Care Program Guide for complete contact information and procedures.

New in Deployment Guide 8.1.3

This section describes the new features in Composer 8.1.3.

  • Support for Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) and 4.2 (Juno).
  • Composer is installed as a set of plug-ins.
  • Localization support. Language Packs that provide translations for Composer can now be produced and then installed on top of Composer, allowing Composer to run in languages other than English. Localization of generated VXML and SCXML applications is also supported.
  • Mac OS X is a partially supported platform. Contact your Genesys representative for availability.
  • Database passwords in connection profile can be encrypted.
  • Common-bundled Composer Project files can be updated at any time.
  • Command line code generation.
  • Composer Projects can track change revisions, and revision history can be viewed by the user.
  • Customizable global system event handlers in interaction process diagrams.
  • New properties in Target block to support updating the DN of the reserved resource to include the access code returned by URS.
  • The ECMAScript block is now also available in callflow diagrams, similar to its workflow/interaction process diagram counterpart.
  • New blocks for workflow diagrams:
    • The TLib block adds support for TSendRequest-based requests to Genesys T-Server through the TLIB protocol.
    • The SingleStepTransfer block adds support for the <ixn:singlesteptransfer> ORS action. This transfers a voice call directly, without creating another call leg.
    • The Raise Event and Cancel Event blocks are provided to raise events in the current SCXML session or to cancel a delayed event.
  • Voice and Route:
    • A toolbar button can be used to generate code for all diagrams in a project.
    • Expression Builder now lists custom Javascript functions from a Project's included JS scripts.
    • Block tooltips allow the user to see a summary of a block's properties at a glance, without pulling up the Properties View (experimental feature).

New in Deployment Guide 8.1.2

Note: To view deployment guide changes for 8.1.2 and earlier versions, see the Composer 8.1.2 Deployment Guide PDF. Here you can find updates for the following versions of the guide:

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