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New Features

New Features


The 8.1.3 release of March 2013 includes the following new features:

  • Ability to load balance multiple Context Service processes against a single database instance.
  • Ability to delete Context Services customer profiles.
  • Ability to merge multiple Context Services customer profiles.
  • Ability to edit the Knowledge Library through PSDK/UCS ESP API.
  • Documentation of the method forgrouping customer profiles in Context Services.
  • Support for client-side port functionality.
  • Additional operating system and database environment support (see the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide for a full list of supported operating systems and databases).


The 8.1.2 release of October 2012 includes the following new features.

  • Ability to use full text search in a primary/backup environment.
  • Access logging for the UCS database.
  • Cache improvements to reduce memory footprint.


The 8.1.1 release of May 2012 includes the following new features.

8.1.0 Maintenance Release

The 8.1.0 maintenance release of October 2011 adds:

  • Enhancements to bulk import of customer profile data:
    • Use of roles
    • Log output
    • Ability to restart at a specified index
    • Prevention of duplicate inserts
  • Ability to configure multiple listening ports in Configuration Manager
  • Ability to configure TLS with ESP (Genesys External Services Protocol) in Configuration Manager
  • Support of TLS connection to Configuration Server


The 8.1.0 release includes the following new features. These features apply to UCS/CS only.

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