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Modified in 8.5.114

Callback is provided through Genesys Mobile Environment components and requires that your system meets the software requirements established in the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Manual for Genesys Mobile Services (GMS), as well as meeting the following minimum requirements:

Hardware Requirements

The following are minimum requirements:

  • CPU: Quad Core
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Disk: 160GB
  • At least 2-3 nodes recommended for redundancy and availability

OS Requirements

For Linux installations, the Linux compatibility packages must be installed prior to installing the Genesys IPs.

Browser Support

Java Requirements

  • Before 8.5.103, Callback requires JDK 7.
  • Starting in 8.5.103, Callback requires JDK 8.
Edit JAVA_HOME to point to the JDK installation folder, for example, C:\Program Files\Java\<your JDK>.

Cassandra Support

  • Cassandra 2.x: Tested version is 2.2.9

Genesys Environment

In addition to having a Genesys Management Framework 8.1 environment installed and running, the following table lists the Genesys components that are required for a Callback installation.

Genesys Component Minimum Version Required Comments
Genesys Mobile Services (GMS) Installed and running: you must use the Service Administrator UI to manage Callback services.
Orchestration Server (ORS) 8.1.400.26 Optional, installed and running:
  • An HTTP port must be enabled in the related Application object.
  • The ORS server must use the Orchestration Server type in Configuration Manager.
Universal Routing Server (URS) 8.1.400.39 Mandatory. Required for GMS and URS-based dialing in Callback applications.
Interaction Routing Designer (IRD) 8.1.400.26 Mandatory, required for strategies running on URS.
SIP Server
  • SIP or Inbound Voice is required for agents.
  • SIP Server is recommended for outbound calling for Callback.
Stat Server 8.x Required to obtain statistics.
Media Server 8.1.410.33 Required to play treatments and use Call Progress Detection (CPD) for outbound calls.
Resource Manager 8.1.410.13 Required to play treatments and use Call Progress Detection (CPD) for outbound calls.
Workspace Desktop Edition (optional) Support for Genesys Callback. This component is not mandatory.

Integrating with GVP or Media Server

Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) provides VoiceXML features in addition to the Media Server features. You need GVP only if you need VoiceXML. In any other cases, Media Server is sufficient and will provide better performances without GVP.

See GVP Documentation for further details.

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