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URS Strategy

The following configuration is required for both voice and chat scenarios:

Setting up a URS Strategy for Queuing

  1. Download the zip file containing the URS strategies:
  2. Open Interaction Routing Designer (IRD).
  3. Import the strategy WaitForTarget.zcf, and subroutine SetRouteDelay.zcf, using File > Import From File on the respective tabs.
  4. Open the strategy and subroutine.
  5. Compile and save.

Note: You do not need to load the strategy because it will be invoked by the URS web interface. See the Interaction Routing Designer help file for information about using IRD.

GMS 8.5.005.xx and Higher


If you are upgrading from GMS 8.5.004.xx and earlier, make sure that you have the following components and versions installed:

  • Interaction Routing Designer (IRD) 8.1.400.12
  • Universal Routing Server (URS) 8.1.300.35

Deployment Changes

  1. Uninstall your existing IRD.
  2. Install IRD 8.1.400.12.
  3. Delete the existing WaitForTarget strategy.
  4. Delete the existing SetRouteDelay subroutine.
  5. Download the strategies for GMS versions 8.5.005.xx and higher.
  6. Import into IRD.
  7. Compile both strategy and subroutine.
  8. Uninstall your existing URS.
  9. Install URS 8.1.300.35.
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